Positioning Yubo as the leading social media app for Gen-Z communities to socialise

iPhone showing an Instagram post of Maya Henry using YuboInfluencer Maya holding her phone with the Yubo app open

With Pride events being cancelled globally due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Yubo, a market leading social networking app for Gen-Z, wanted to help it’s rapidly growing LGBTQI+ community to still celebrate Pride globally in a fun but safe manner.

Consequently our team formulated the idea to host Pride virtually on the Yubo app for 1 day only, inviting users to use the livestream feature to hold their own Pride parties with their friends. To simultaneously raise awareness of the Pride event and showcase Yubo as a great, safe space for socialisation, we enlisted 11 US and UK LGBTQI+ content creators to host their own Pride livestream. These creators also curated content for TikTok, Instagram and YouTube that was shared in the run up to the day.


3.2m  total campaign audience

 vs. target 1.7m

1m million impressions

vs. target 454k

£0.36 CPE

vs. target £1.80 CPE
iPhone showing an influencer promoting Yubo
iPhone showing instagram story of Maya Henry promoting Yubo
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