Amplifying the news of Spring’s revolutionary partnership with global platform, TikTok.

TikTok branding

The cultivation of an integrated commerce feature signalled a huge change in the purpose of TikTok as a social media app. For the first time ever,  popular creators would be able to sell their own merchandise they've created on Spring, via TikTok. Consequently, our team ensured that this ground-breaking development was appropriately amplified and promoted to the press. 

We worked with esteemed TikTok creator, Bonnie RZM, in order to gain a deeper understanding of how the new feature worked. Our team then used this information to contextualise the press materials with case study examples that were demonstrative of the success garnered by the Spring and TikTok partnership. We further liaised with the Spring and TikTok comms teams to formulate an agreed narrative for press, as well as decide upon agreed spokespeople and chosen timings. The final result was the creation of an effective press release and media list that would astutely target the relevant media outlets.


100% key messages landed

100% top-tier feature targets achieved

990m global reach

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