Jukes Cordialities

Driving brand awareness and securing leader status in the luxury non-alcoholic sector

Bottle of Jukes pouring into a glass

Jukes Cordialities is a range of sophisticated non-alcoholic drink creations. Our team was commissioned to raise brand awareness, stimulate sales, and position Jukes within the luxury market sphere by educating the target audience about Jukes’ product differentiation.

For the initial market launch and the subsequent limited edition launches, we curated a refined list of target journalists that were to receive an exclusive gift box with samples. Our team crafted these bespoke gift boxes, alongside detail-oriented press releases, to effectively communicate both the luxury and sophistication of the brand. This approach allowed for a unique experience of a pre-launch sampling, which fueled brand loyalty and awareness amongst the journalists involved.

Our media approach outlined different vertices of outreach, including trade, design and lifestyle. These vertices were utilised as a tool for driving awareness by touching on different focus areas including; the stunning packaging, the expertise behind the drink, and the wellness and health benefits of not consuming alcohol. We further applied the key messaging to various holidays, detox efforts and focus areas. This resulted in an ongoing stream of coverage that ultimately led to a direct increase in sales for Jukes.

Three flavours of Jukes CordialitiesClasspass live advert


347 pieces of coverage

Leading category status achieved

2.2bn total global reach

Iphone showing instagram story of Jukes products in use
iphone showing an instagram post of an influencer using Jukes products