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Using PR and Affiliates to launch Akt London as a cult favourite

Editorial scene of AKT deodorant productsEditorial shoot of AKT deadorant products

We were tasked with taking Akt London deodorant from an unknown startup to a cult favourite in the wellness sphere, all during a global pandemic. We created a 360-degree approach consisting of a two-pronged PR strategy to drive brand fame, paired with a strategic and aggressive affiliates programme.

Our PR efforts were focused on securing product placement for the brand, targeting the top tier press within the national and consumer spaces, while simultaneously securing founder profiling slots. We were quick off the blocks and used our agency contacts to conduct introductory briefings while also leaning into the news agenda to tie Akt to celebrations such as Earth Day and Veganuary ensuring it remained relevant throughout the year.

With PR driving brand fame and loyalty, we pushed to launch Akt London’s first-ever affiliate program. The aim: drive incremental revenue, increase customer retention and build upon the great brand awareness that the PR team were achieving. Our integrated agency approach has proven fruitful, with earned media coverage secured with affiliate partner, Evening Standard, still seeing click-throughs and a 10% conversion rate nine months later.


77 pieces of coverage in just 11 months

with a reach of over 1 billion, including top tier coverage in The Sunday Times STYLE, Stylist, Forbes, Vogue, Evening Standard, Financial Times and BBC

Ongoing affiliate partnership with 92 key publishers within the UK

including  Evening Standard, Marie Claire, GQ, Menswear Style and Vogue, and 23 hand-picked influencers

20 pieces of affiliate content alongside PR

achieving an ROI of 1,566%, and a conversion rate of 7.86%, continuously growing month on month
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