Rebecca Abigail
Leading Communications Agency


Skinade case study.


Skinade, the next generation anti-ageing collagen drink, briefed us to conceptualise and produce a suite of social media photography.


Skinade is a skin-enhancing supplement drink, which is clinically proven to work from within, to increase skin hydration and radiance, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and increase skin suppleness. The team developed a photography concept where “natural, beautiful skin” would be the star of the show to visually communicate the benefit of drinking Skinade.

RA scouted a range of models and selected a minimalistic studio location to bring a fresh, millennial spin to the photography.

The team produced over 500 photos, which are being rolled out across social media platforms in 2019.


Photographer: Michael Palmer

Hair & Make-up Artist: Gemma Stafford